Oh, I was not a culprit!

A poem

Image credit: Pixabay

It was festive, unlike an ordinary day,
Wearing new clothes, I came to the fray,
Gazing at smartphones, they’re playing a game,
“PUBG”, as they would call it by its name.

Bored, one of them called for beer,
Even though the danger of getting caught was sheer,
But none cared as the thirst for beverage surged!
One of us left the room, listening to the urge.

Scared yet excited, he returned with three bottles;
We were four, then why three?
Pointing the finger, the bringer said, “He doesn't drink,”
Yes, he was talking about me.

Without any delay, one opened the cork,
The sound “pop” was followed by the knock!
One rushed to open the door when others hid the drinks,
Seeing his mother enter, we lost our links.

“What are you guys doing?” was the question first,
We thought, “Oh, it is going to be such a burst!”
Finally, she warned, “I will see you all,”
Having failed to get a response, she left the hall.

The leftovers were brought out, nice and sharp,
They emptied their bottles and released the burp,
Looking at me, who was stunned,
One said, “Brother, it did not go as planned”.

Throwing the bottles far away,
We rushed down the stairs as the sky turned grey,
When leaving the house, we were in hurry,
There awaited another’s mother at exit amid ominous flurry.

She demanded an explanation, but his son was bleak,
Without getting an answer, she flew a slap on his cheek,
Despite being embarrassed, we were standing tall,
Emotionally shattered, she hurled, “You are scoundrels, you all!”

She left the place with utter shame,
Oh! I was not a culprit but shared the blame,
The chap with the broken face muttered, “I am sorry for the jibe!”
Yet, that remains one of the best adventures of my life.



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Jyotirmoy Halder

Jyotirmoy Halder

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