Oh, Round! (a poem)


Photo by Pixabay

Round, is it you?
Do you feel it is true?
Are you the God that restores harmony,
Or the demon that gobbles the dew?

They say you have been there forever,
Do you feel it is true?
Oh, Round, don’t you get tired,
Or is it what you had desired?

They say you are burning,
And one day, oh, that one day,
You will die, like us,
So why try so hard, and create a fuss?

Oh, Round, you are not better,
Nor will you ever be,
We, people, have learned to survive,
You haven’t, making us superior to thee.

By Jyotirmoy Halder



Jyotirmoy Halder

Hey, this is Jyotirmoy Halder, hoping to distract your thoughts and test your patience every Sunday here on “The Sunday Hazard”.