Why do you want to know? (a poem)


Photo by Pixabay

Why do you want to know,
If I am angry or sad,
If it feels so good or bad?
Does that make you smart?
Does it prove anything,
Whether I am a cat or a rat?

Why do you want to know,
What I am doing,
Will you bow,
To my need? If it is a no,
Which it would be, I know,
You are not a helper indeed.

It is not curiosity,
If it’s all about showing some pity,
You don’t need to know,
What others are doing,
Just focus on your thing,
While others keep growing.



Jyotirmoy Halder

Hey, this is Jyotirmoy Halder, hoping to distract your thoughts and test your patience every Sunday here on “The Sunday Hazard”.